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Final update 5/1/10 (not true! updated again 5/13/10)

Introduction by Jay O'Brien:

This web page, and its subordinate pages, were my personal references as I brought up a new computer running 64-bit Windows 7.  The computer is now in service and working fine.

I purchased a new computer from John Daly with the intent to learn about Windows 7 and see the improvements expected from a fast 64-bit computer.  I picked it up on October 30, 2009.

My present computers all run XP Pro; I skipped Vista. It turns out that skipping Vista puts me at somewhat of a disadvantage, as Windows 7 includes many "improvements" over XP that are in Vista; I must learn about the Vista changes as I learn Windows 7.

Current Status: This link includes many contemporary notes that may be of interest.

Hardware and software details:
My Computer Details: My Windows 7 64-bit computer:

Current conclusions:
-64bit is blazing fast. Wow.
-Many applications I want to run are not compatible (yet) with Win7 64-bit.
-I have three video cameras using MJPEG format that I want to watch; putting them all on an XP computer makes it useless for any other task; the Win7 64-bit computer displays them and asks for more to do.
-If a printer is not specified as being compatible with Windows 7, consider replacing it rather than wasting time futzing around with it.
-The Win 7 computer does its thing well, but it is not ready to replace even one of my XP computers.

Issues Resolved:
Junction Points: I was unable to to navigate to C:\Documents and Settings!
Clean Install Lessons: Install grabs all of the hard drive for C; Install will save old installs.
System Image: Windows 7 Image backup - now replaced with Norton Ghost 15.
Printers:  Click on link for details
Dasappearing Shortcuts: Added 5/13/10. Also Ownership and Permissions.

Open Issues:
Norton and Windows 7: Norton (Symantec) product compatibility: SystemWorks, PartitionMagic.

Windows 7 Information:
Some Windows 7 links I have collected from others

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