Folsom - Empire Ranch Weather Station web page

Notes prepared by by Jay O'Brien

First notes: December 25, 2008
Updated December 27, 2009

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Folsom CA  Weather Underground
Empire Ranch Weather: History for today (see below for other displays)  Rapid Fire-Generic   Rapid Fire on WebCam
WebCam:  Folsom Lake view

Weather Station KCAFOLSO13 notes:

Our weather station and camera is located in Empire Ranch, the easternmost part of the City of Folsom, California.

The weather station is at an elevation of 606' MSL, near the highest elevation in Sacramento County, which is 858' MSL Carpenter Hill, 0.94 miles SSW, also in the City of Folsom.

The weather station is a Davis Vantage Pro 2, with a Davis USB "WeatherLink" interconnect to an Ambient Weather WeatherHub AMBNSLU2. The WeatherHub includes MeteoHub software that uploads the weather data every 30 seconds to Weather Underground using FTP protocol. This equipment was purchased from Ambient Weather in Arizona, where I received expert assistance and guidance from Ed Edelman.

In getting the WeatherHub going, I had a problem with the MeteoHub software that was quickly resolved by Boris Pasternak, the author of the MeteoHub program. Boris is in Germany.

Weather underground has assigned the identifier KCAFOLSO13 to the weather station. We selected the name "Empire Ranch" for it to describe our community.

The camera, or "WebCam", that is displayed by Weather Underground is outside, looking northwest toward Folsom Lake. The camera is an Axis 211. It has an automatic DC-iris control to protect the camera when the sun is in view.

The camera uploads pictures, in .jpg format, every two minutes directly to Weather Underground using FTP protocol.

I purchased the camera from Peripheral Vision in Michigan; Joe Gresham was very helpful, and processed my order quickly; In fact I received my first camera two days after I ordered it.

I received knowledgeable and quick support from Don Mannion at Axis Communications in Massachusetts. Don helped me with the selection of the 211 camera that can look at the sun without damage, and he assisted with many problems I had in coming up to speed with the cameras and what they can do. This little camera contains a full-fledged computer with amazing capabilities.

Links to our weather station:

Weather Underground "Rapid fire". This provides current information and automatically updates every 30 seconds. Every time you refresh the page, Weather Underground will send a different background scene. Some of the scenes are notable. 

Rapid Fire on WebCam This is an alternate "Rapid Fire" display, superimposed on the camera image.
Weather Underground for Folsom, California (ZIP 95630). Our weather station is in the list of stations under the "Personal Weather Stations" tab towards the bottom of the page. It is called "Empire Ranch".

If you select Our weather station, you will be shown a "history for KCAFOLSO13" page that will show graphs and details for today's weather as recorded here. You can select previous days, or Weekly, Monthly or Yearly data if you wish.

Empire Ranch weather history for today. This is a direct link to our weather station's history for today, bypassing the Folsom page.

Near the top of the page there is a selection for "Monthly" that will show you summary data for the previous days in the current month. You can select specific days, months, and other parameters to obtain different summations of our data from Weather Underground.

If you click on the image, it will show you a larger image.

The larger image, "JayOBrien's WebCam Current Image", updates every 2 minutes; click on "refresh page" above the image to see the updates. It shouldn't say that it was updated more than 2 minutes ago, unless an update was missed due to a problem with the camera or the internet. Sometimes one or more will be skipped and you might have to wait 4 minutes or more for an update.

Empire Ranch Camera - Folsom Lake View.
This is a link that will take you directly to the camera, looking toward Folsom Lake, 3 miles away.

Once showing "JayOBrien's WebCam Current Image", click on the image. This will show you a full screen image. At this point you should be able to clearly read the time and date that is imbedded into the bottom of the left side of the image.

Camera history: Start at "JayOBrien's WebCam Current Image". The calendar below the image has a selection at the top; noon is the default, and you can select morning, afternoon or evening. This determines which picture to show for each date on the calendar. If you click on "view video" on a particular date it will play a time-lapse selection of frames from the camera captured on that date. If you click on one of the images in the calendar, a larger image will display. Click in the picture near the left edge and the previous day's image for that time will display. The next day can be selected near the right side of the picture. Images stored before January 11, 2009 were made with an inside camera that is no loger sending pictures to the web. Images stored between January 11 and May 24, 2009, were made with a camera looking southwest that is no loger sending pictures to the web.

Conclusion: I intend to update this web page in the future as this weather and webcam station evolves. Your comments will be appreciated.

Jay O'Brien
Empire Ranch, Folsom, California, USA