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FTC Spyware Workshop

SPYBLOCK, U.S. Senate Bill S 2145 introduced by Senator Conrad Burns:

Senator Conrad Burns - Montana:

California Assembly Bill AB 2787 Introduced by Assembly Member Tim Leslie:
AB 2787 (Leslie) - Computer Adware and Spyware: This bill would require providers of software containing adware or spyware, as defined, to a computer in California to provide recipients with a privacy policy containing specified information. It would prohibit spyware that collects personal financial information supplied by a computer user who fills out forms online. It would prohibit, without the user's consent, e-mails and Web pages that automatically download adware or spyware onto a computer.

California Assembly Member Tim Leslie

California Senate Bill SB 1530 Introduced by Senator Kevin Murray:
SB 1530 (Murray) - Computer Spyware: This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to address the problem of computer spyware.

California Senator Kevin Murray

California Senate Bill SB 1436 Introduced by Senator Kevin Murray:
SB 1436 (Murray) - Computer Spyware: This bill would prohibit transmitting to a computer in California spyware in violation of the policy of the recipient's ISP. It would authorize an ISP to bring an action for damages for violation of its policy.

California Senator Kevin Murray

California Privacy Legislation: California Office of Privacy Protection


Rio Linda News March 11, 2004

Verizon's spyware attracts criticism - Bergen Record - by Brian Kladko (requires provision of demographic data to view):

Verizon Wireless Spyware Attracts Criticism Miami Herald - by Brian Kladko:

Closing door on 'spyware' - Sacramento Bee - by Ed Fletcher


Verizon spyware

Verizon on ethics:

Verizon: Sponsors Lecture Series On Ethical Business Practices -  "Ethics and corporate values are an integral part of any company's foundation and mission," noted Anne Carroll, director of Verizon's Office of Ethics and Business Compliance. Dr. Norman Bowie, the Elmer L. Andersen Chair in Corporate Responsibility at the University of Minnesota, will speak as part of the Verizon Visiting Professorship in Business Ethics and Information Technology. His lecture titled, "Digital Rights And Wrongs - Intellectual Property in the Information Age"  Verizon Press release here Information on Dr. Bowie and lecture here    

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