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Nevada Open Road Challenge May, 2001
Pictures by Jan & Jay O'Brien

(Be patient, there are a LOT of pictures here!)

This was our fourth race on Nevada Highway 318. We keep improving, but so does everyone else!

Look at the trend. We keep getting more accurate and placing farther away! If we keep getting more accurate, will we ultimately be "right on" and in last place? Hmmmm...

In this race, had we been 120 milliseconds (0.12 second) more accurate, we would have come in second, not sixth!

Race Error Place Speed
September 19, 1999 2.804 seconds 10 110.1048
May 21, 2000 1.250 seconds 3 110.0467
September 17, 2000 0.445 seconds 4 109.9834
May 20, 2001 0.305 seconds 6 109.9886

Click here to see what we've been doing to improve our timing.

The three M-B's gather before the Ely parade

CJ and Joey rode with us in the parade.

Gathering for the parade at the High School

Welcome reception at Bristlecone Convention Center

That's a REAL steam engine!

The car show at Broadbent park. We take our own shade.

Shelby's newest (expensive) creation. Note air exit from radiator above hood.

Broadbent Park, Ely, Nevada

Drivers and Navigators mandatory meeting

Pre-grid at Lane's truck stop


On the grid, waiting for the race to start

Jay & Jan O'Brien, ready to go!

And go we are

Not bad for a 110 MPH picture?

The finish "pits"

Jan chats with the "Rookie" MB that just finished

Al and June do it again in their Diesel

The rookies meet the King. Solemn ceremony.Serious.Really.

Home Depot's unlimited at the finish

The Ely dinner. Barlow White, on the right, waiting for the results fax.

If it wasn't a 7 hour drive, we would go here for Sunday dinner!

Outside of the Bristlecone Convention Center in Ely, Nevada

If you can't figure this Ely landmark out, you've had too many

This is where we stay in Ely. Great place.

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