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Jay and Jan O'Brien's pictures from the Silver State Classic Challenge Public Highway road race, 90 miles on Nevada Highway 318 on September 19, 1999:

Bear Smith tells us rookies about "The Narrows" (behind Bear)

Here we are, just south of "The Narrows", Bear's willing audience

Getting ready for the parade through Ely

We took over Broadbent Park in Ely! Yes, it rained.

More at Broadbent Park

The mandatory drivers meeting in the Ely Convention Center

The queue before the grid

On the "grid" waiting to start the race

Here we are, Jan and Jay O'Brien, ready to go!

And here we go! This picture taken by Larry Engelbrecht.

We were making up a bit of time at the Radar Trap!

In "The Narrows"

And the Checkered flag!


We entered the 110 MPH class. Our actual speed was 110.1048 MPH for the 90 miles. We were TWO SECONDS early after 49 minutes of driving, and we came in 9th in our class. Not bad for rookies! There were 46 entries in our 110 MPH class. What fun!

We learned later that we were actually 10th, as one entrant's starting time was in error by 30 seconds. Once that was corrected, he moved ahead of us in the results.

The SSCC organized and put on a wonderful event. Out of 211 entries, there were only four MBs. How about joining us as "Team Mercedes"? We only need six more entries to field a team of ten.

Silver State Classic Challenge

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