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Articles from The NEWS:
July                 6  -OPINION- To: Candidates for RLECWD General Manager
June              29  "What's in the paper is false?" (O'Brien)
June              22  Andres, he will be missed - Water Board General Manager resigns
June              15  Reform Water Board scorecard $73,187: cost continues to mount (O'Brien)
April             20  Water District Madness - Can you believe this?  (O'Brien)
April             20  Zack Arbios is new Water Board member  (O'Brien)
April             13  People in The News - Erwin Hayer (Norma-Lee)
March           23  North/South Route Choice Controversy (Letter from Frank Porter to Supervisor Dickinson)
March           16  Dry Creek Road Gridlock? Another viewpoint (O'Brien)
March            9   Policy Planning Commission votes 3-0 to send Elverta Specific Plan to Board of Supervisors
March            9   Doug Cater resigns from Water Board (O'Brien)
March            2   Dry Creek Road Gridlock? (O'Brien)
March            2   Water District appoints new Board Member
February      16   Flood control, mosquito haven, marsh, eyesore, or hazardous?
February        2   Eminent Domain is alive and frustrating... in Sacramento County
January        26   Water District to Choose new Director (O'Brien)
January        19   When West is not West - Rio Linda/Elverta addresses (O'Brien)
January        19   Community services are expanded in North County
January        19   Elverta Specific Plan DEIR now available for comment (O'Brien)
January        12   "Beacuse it was the right thing to do"
January        12   Reform Water Board cost scorecard (O'Brien)
January        12   Parks & Rec Board meets with RL/E Incorporation Committee
January          5   Reform Water Board has its day in Court (O'Brien)

December    29   Parks District takes incorporation lead (O'Brien)
December    29   Water Board seeks replacement Director (O'Brien)
December    22   Rio Linda-Elverta Community Council (O'Brien)
December    22   Water Board seeks replacement Director (O'Brien)
December      8   Reform Water Board legal costs mount (O'Brien)
November    24  Hayer Bridge opened (O'Brien)
November    17  Water District deals with yet another lawsuit (O'Brien)
November    17  Hayer Dam & Bridge Grand Opening (Kolling)
November    10  Hayer Dam & Bridge Grand Opening (Kolling)
November    10  Hayer Dam Project Status (Klasson)
November    10  Chamber hears incorporation review (O'Brien)
November      3  Water District hit with another lawsuit (O'Brien)
November      3  First Community Council Meeting Held (O'Brien)
October       20   Water Board Director Harris gets her wish? (O'Brien)
October       20   Community Council to hold first meeting Oct. 26th (O'Brien)
October       27   Is TV giving us unrealistic expectations? (Norma-Lee)
October       13   Next Hayer Dam Meeting at new location (Klasson)
October         6   Rio Linda Community Water District receives Financial Reporting award (O'Brien)
September   29   County to pave parkway from Dry Creek Road to 28th Street (Kolling)
September   22   County fetes past CPAC members (O'Brien)
September   15   Dickinson announces his Council nominations (O'Brien)
September     8   County holds sham meeting in Rio Linda (O'Brien)
September     1   Rio Linda Bike Trail Extension: M Street to Elverta Road
August         25   Water District Employees organize (O'Brien)
August         25   Additional Community Council Town Hall meetings scheduled
August         25   Editorial: Community Council
August         18   CPAC holds their last meeting (O'Brien)
August         18   CPAC Reunion Set for Sept. 13
August         18   Rio Linda Bike Trail Extension: M Street to Elverta Road
August         18   Presented to the Water Board on August 15th
August         11   Water District retirees get inflated health benefits? (O'Brien)
August         11   Open Letter to the RioLinda/Elverta Community Water District Board of Directors (Courtney)
August         11   Water Board Meeting August 15
August           4   Park Administrator is hired (O'Brien)
August           4   Community Council Applicants feted (O'Brien)
August           4   Water Board attorney changes his story (O'Brien)
August           4   Water District & Town Hall meeting - Editorial
August           4   PG&E Responds to discrimination claim (Dennis)
August           4   The Gray 'Dynasty' (Norma-Lee)
July              28  Water Board kills employee and retiree health benefits (O'Brien)
July              28  Secret document leaked (from Water Board attorney) (O'Brien)
July              28  PG&E Discriminates against SMUD customers (O'Brien)
July              21  Recreation & Parks Administrator Quits after two weeks on the job (O'Brien)
July              21  County to introduce Community Council Applicants (O'Brien)
July              21  CPAC winds down (O'Brien)
July                7  Dry Creek Projects continue (Klasson)
June             23  Cityhood Feasibility Study underway
June             16  The Old and Slow Cross-Country Tour - Arlete Hodel & Jim Skaug (Norma-Lee)
June               2  Community bids adieu to Kathy Long, Parks & Rec. Administrator
May             26  Dry Creek apartments endorsed by Supervisor Dickinson (O'Brien)
May             19  CPAC nixes Dry Creek apartment complex (O'Brien)
May             12  Rain Cancels Civil War /Civil War internet?/Rainfall totals (O'Brien)
May             12  Community Comment (Courtney)
May               5  County establishes four Community Council areas (O'Brien)
April            28  Water District approves "Bait and Switch" in attorney's contract (O'Brien)
April             21  People In The News - Dennis Barney (Norma-Lee)
April            14  County to form Community Councils; Chamber of Commerce hears details (O'Brien)
April            14  Two men's dream equals fine cuisine - Dry Creek Station (Norma-Lee)
March          31  County Neighborhood Services Director Victor Morrison-Vega Welcomed (O'Brien)
March          31  Sacramento County receives $500,000 Grant to combat illegal dumping
March          24  Water District Anticipates Litigation about employee and retiree health benefits (O'Brien)
March          17  Pole-Air-Ity
March          10  Water District hires additional attorneys (O'Brien)
March          10  Open letter to community residents concerning incorporation study
March           3   Flooding from Fox Creek? (O'Brien)
March           3   More stop signs for speed control? (O'Brien)
March           3   New Principal for Westside School - Shannon Brown (Van Zant)
February     24   Incorporation Committee thanks early donors
February     24   Group of citizens announce fund drive for Cityhood study (Pollie Parker)
February     24   "Our Town" (Norma-Lee)
February     24   Main Avenue closed Saturday and Sunday for rail crossing work (O'Brien)
February     24   Gas bill too high? (O'Brien)
February     17   Dry Creek Road closure Friday through Monday (O'Brien)
February     17   Stop Signs for Speed Control? (O'Brien)
February     17   Bill Pray, Rio Linda music icon passes away (Norma-Lee)
February     10   Military may jam your garage-door opener (O'Brien)
February       3   McClellan proposes contaminated soil disposal (O'Brien)
February       3   County Supervisors lift Fox Creek suspension (O'Brien)
February       3   Floyd Banyai installed as the new Rio Linda Postmaster
January       28   County opens Community Service Center (O'Brien)
January       28   Rio Linda/Elverta Planning Council Approved (O'Brien)
January       20   CPAC: 1140 seat Church in Elverta, 25 home subdivision in Rio Linda (O'Brien)
January       20   Water District: Attorney questioned by Reform Board Member (O'Brien)
January       13   Former Water Board Members recognized for their service

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